Excelling In Selecting PhD Thesis Topics

One of the more difficult tasks when writing a dissertation or a thesis is choosing what to write about. This task can be difficult to the point of desperation. However, there is advice and some information that you can use when choosing your dissertation topic, which can really help ease the process. Some of this is very reasonable and simple to follow.

There are several traditional criteria you might consider looking at when choosing a topic for your research:

Everything is relatively clear with these since mentors will mention and explain them. Also, they are fairly self-explanatory already.

Though these concepts are simple, you can use them to come up with some pretty stimulating topics. Some examples include:

There are, however, other factors one should consider as well while searching. These will diversify your field of search and help you arrive at an even better conclusion.

You should seek as much help as you can from your mentor and other professors. They will guide you around all the pitfalls along the way to save you from drowning in your ill-chosen topic. They’ll also help you avoid unnecessarily exaggerated amounts of work that will just waste time.

You should also ask friends, colleagues, random acquaintances on campus, or family members for ideas. You can create a pool of ideas this way, and will help you choose the right topic. Don’t ever be afraid of asking for help.

The ideas you ponder while thinking of the right topic may be personally devised based on your own sense of what this world needs, what is interesting and beautiful, what is challenging, or what is crucial in terms of changing the world.

You must look within the field of your presumed topic and study the research and scientific advances that have been made in times past. Relevance aside, you don’t want to realize too late that your topic isn’t as new or exciting as you initially thought.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a topic is that anything in the world can be looked at from a new perspective. However, only topics that you’re really fascinated in can allow you to find unexpected sides and shed completely new lights on them.

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